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Our business enhancement programs launch entrepreneurs and help small businesses grow

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Emporia Main Street's BUSINESS ENHANCEMENT programs are implemented by a committee of volunteers along with Main Street staff. The primary goals of our business enhancement initiatives are to:

  • support, educate, and provide resources for ALL entrepreneurs and businesses throughout Emporia
  • grow a sustainable core business district downtown

Our business enhancement programs provide a wide variety of tools to assist new and existing businesses, catalyze property development, and create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and innovators that strengthen Emporia's local economy.

Business Enhancement Programs

Start Your Own Business Class

If you're ready to take your business from concept to reality, the Start Your Own Business class is one of the best tools at your disposal.

Available Property Listings

We can help you find a property that's a great match for your business concept. If you own a property, contact us for a free listing!

Incubator Space

Next door to the Emporia Main Street office, this 1,100 square foot rent-free space is available to start-up businesses for a set period and includes business mentoring.

Business Consulting

Individual advice tailored to your business.

Grants, Loans & Tax Credits

Emporia Main Street provides access to wealth of financial incentives to start or expand a business, including our own low-interest loan program, matching fund opportunities, and assistance with local, state and federal financial programs.

Business Investment Guide

Created for entrepreneurs and developers, our Business Investment Guide outlines why Emporia is a great place to do business, and includes a list of available resources to get started.

Want to support budding entrepreneurs, or become an entrepreneur yourself?

Emporia Main Street is here to help your business grow. Your support also promotes overall economic development and re-investment in downtown and the community as a whole.

Business Enhancement Committee Volunteers

Shawn Honea, Chair
IM Design Group

James Willingham
Emporia State University

Rob Scheib
USD 253

Tom Mains

Lori Andrews
ESB Financial

Bruce Boettcher
BG Consultants

Jana Marstall
USD 253

Interested in joining the Business Enhancement Committee?

The Business Enhancement Committee perfect for those who are passionate about business, fueling job growth in Emporia, and helping entrepreneurs launch or expand. Click the button below if you'd like to join!

Business Education

Preparing for UNBOUND

By Jessica Buchholz | May 26, 2021

We will see a huge influx of gravel riders into Emporia next week for the Unbound Cycling Event. While some travel restrictions will limit a bit of participation, we will still see thousands of riders in Emporia. The influx of people will result in a number of community opportunities if businesses and citizens adapt to…

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What is next in the realm of Community and Economic Development?

By Jessica Buchholz | May 14, 2021

During the National Main Street Conference, we had the opportunity to listen to a variety of different speakers and researchers tracking changes in community and economic development cultures. Understanding those changes can enhance businesses ability to grow, and communities that embrace and anticipate changes can enhance their local economies.Amy Lui, the Vice President and Director…

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What is the Cost of a Vacant Building?

By Jessica Buchholz | April 27, 2021

“It’s not hurting anything.”“I can do whatever I want with whatever I own.”“I inherited it, and I’m really not in a hurry to let it go.”“It’s got sentimental value.”“For the right price (that I won’t provide) I may entertain an offer.”“It used to give me income, but I don’t know what to do with it…

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Business Life Cycles: Where is your business at, and what is your strategy to grow?

By Jessica Buchholz | April 12, 2021

Businesses have different lifecycles, and the strategies to support businesses can vary by business type, owner acumen, and lifecycle tools. It is important for entrepreneurs to know what lifecycle stage they are currently in, but it is absolutely critical for businesses to understand what to do as they enter into different lifecycle phases. If you…

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New business trends emerge from the pandemic. What should you keep moving forward?

By Jessica Buchholz | March 31, 2021

One of the advantages of Emporia Main Street’s affiliation with Kansas Main Street and the National Main Street organization is training. We consistently receive access to high quality data that highlight newest business, organizational, and community development trends. We also hear new business questions that emerge from market changes, and we use those questions to…

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The New Federal Stimulus – what Does it Mean for Your Business?

By Jessica Buchholz | March 16, 2021

Smart businesses have accessed governmental and nongovernmental resources to fit their needs during the pandemic. Those resources continue to change, and some dollars are specifically targeted to industry types that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID.The following is a version of a National Main Street outreach that has been slightly augmented to meet local needs.…

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