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Bringing people together to work toward the same goals

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Our board of directors leads our organization. The board of directors works along with Emporia Main Staff to engage and grow our membership, steer our overall vision, and forge partnerships with other community organizations.

Our organizational initiatives create a strong foundation for a sustainable growth of Emporia's downtown commercial district. In addition, organizational initiatives with our city and county partners benefits the entire area.

Organizational Initiatives

Community Initiated Development

In partnership with the City of Emporia, this project is for the community to proactively identify and initiate redevelopment.


Emporia Main Street was founded to serve the business needs of our members. Our board of directors works to grow our membership by ensuring that our programs provide educational, financial, and promotional value to our members.

Vision 2030

A strategic vision for the next decade, led by input from the community and our members.

Homegrown Capital Campaign

Our capital campaign raises funds to grow local business and employment in Emporia, by fostering entrepreneurship. The campaign has funded the new Emporia Main Street facility at 727 Commercial, which includes a business incubator space.

Other Organization Projects

Partnership building

Want to be a part of an active organization who gets things done?

Emporia Main Street makes visible and measurable impacts to help our community prosper.

Board of directors

Kevin Nelson – President
Redline Trucking

Lane Massey – Treasurer
City of Emporia

Lisa Kirmer – Secretary
Flint Hills Technical College

Aaron Sewell
EK Real Estate

Eric Porter
ESB Financial

Amy Bolen
BLI Rentals LLC

Tracy Weltha
IM Design Group

Sally Sanchez
Hispanics of Today and Tomorrow

Cory Faldine
Emporia State University

Jeremy Johns
Radius Brewing Company

Sally Sanchez
Hispanics of Today & Tomorrow

Organization Articles

The Next Vision

By Casey Woods | April 18, 2019

Emporia Main Street separates development strategies into a series of visions that last about a decade.  The declarative vision statements set priorities within organizational work planning to achieve standards set by the membership and area stakeholders.  While that sounds like a lot of buzz words, what it really means is that all of you set…

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2018 Recap

By Casey Woods | April 18, 2019

The end of the calendar year gives us the opportunity to look back, before we press on with a busy 2019.  We show our appreciation for your support through service, and the best way to communicate that services have an impact on the community is to show what was actually DONE by the Emporia Main…

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Being Relevant

By Casey Woods | April 18, 2019

Every business, organization, or non-profit should consistently ask themselves: “why am I absolutely necessary in the lives of my consumer?”  Necessity can mean something different depending on your stage of life, your financial situation, and your personal preference.  Something that is “necessary” to a retiree may not be necessary to a young parent.  A product…

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Adjusting Headings

By Casey Woods | April 18, 2019

In the Main Street world, there is a concept called “entrepreneurial friction” (some refer to it as entrepreneurial density).  Essentially, when entrepreneurs are in close proximity and can communicate with common purpose, good things can happen.  Cross promotions occur, new products are born, and some proto-entrepreneurs have some “mojo” rub off on them, inspiring the…

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By Casey Woods | June 28, 2018

Volunteering simply requires ideas, passion, and a belief in something larger than yourself. Emporia Main Street, like many organizations, is highly dependent on volunteers to achieve success. We have an endless list of projects and a small staff, so volunteers are a must. Volunteering has many benefits for the people giving their time or talent.…

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Year in Review 2017

By Casey Woods | December 26, 2017

Each year we take one e-news and dedicate it towards looking back over the previous year. We don’t want to linger in the past, but we do want to recognize what occurred as we continue to push forward. A lot was accomplished in 2017, and we anticipate a lot of excitement for new initiatives next…

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