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Let's TACO bout May 4th in downtown Emporia! Two awesome events combined into one!

May 4th is going to be busy in downtown Emporia! This year, Emporia Main Street is working with our friends at Dynamic Discs and in Hispanics of Today and Tomorrow for a Cinco De Mayo & Dynamic Dicsc Open Block Party! The fun will start at 11 am in the 600 & 700 blocks of Commercial Street with a Cinco de Mayo Celebration! Food vendors, beer garden, entertainment and more!

The fun continues into the evening when the Dynamic Discs Open Block Party kicks off in the 800 & 900 blocks of Commercial Street. Tons of disc golf vendors, beer, games, and more!

The 600 & 700 blocks of Commercial Street will be closed from 8:00 am to 11 pm. The 800 & 900 blocks of Commercial Street will close from 2:30 pm to 11 pm that day. The La Grind Stage Race will also be taking place that day in the 500 block of Commercial Street.

We are currently accepting vendors for May 4th, 2024. The Cinco de Mayo Celebration will begin at 11 am that day. At 5pm, we will close off an additional two blocks (800 & 900 blocks) and open the Dynamic Discs Golf Block Party. At 5pm the two events will be combined into one large event where people can carry beer from block to block and people can visit vendors in the 4-block area.

There will be two options to vend.

All Day Option

This option will allow vendors to vend from 11am to 10pm. All Day Vendors will be set up in the 600 & 700 blocks of Commercial Street. Placement will depend on your signup date and electrical needs. Vendors who choose this option should prepare for crowds from the Cinco de Mayo celebration and the Dynamic Discs Block party. All Day vendors will need to set up around 9am and be open for business by 11 am. All Day Vendors will not be able to leave the event until it is over at 11 pm and the road is opened by Emporia PD.

Half Day Option

This option will allow vendors to vend from 5pm -10pm. Half Day Vendors will be set up in the 800 & 900 blocks. Placement will depend on your signup date and electrical needs. Vendors who choose this option will be able to set up by 3pm and should be open for business by 5pm. All Day Vendors will not be able to leave the event until it is over at 11 pm and the road is opened by Emporia PD. There will be several Disc Golf related vendors set up in this area.

Additional Vendors Information

-NO REFUNDS for cancellations. The event is rain or shine.

-Booth spaces are 12 ft wide by 15 ft deep. If your area exceeds this, then you need to purchase multiple booths. For example, if your food truck is 15ft wide (even with the hitch) you need 2 spots.

-We do offer discounts with a paid Emporia Main Street Membership. For more information on membership, click HERE. If you plan on attending more than one of our events, you might consider membership.

-NO REFUNDS for cancellations. The event is rain or shine.

-Vendor placement will be determined by sign up date, electrical needs, and spacing.

-Please note that electricity is available on a first come, first serve basis. Electrical is for a basic plug in (single 110 GFI) – you can only plug in one item (not a power strip). If you need to plug in more than a Square or phone charger, please contact the Emporia Main Street office at 620-340-6430 to make additional arrangements.

-No loud generators or generators that produce fumes. We cannot stress this enough. Loud generators can ruin the event for neighboring vendors and attendees.

-All items at your booth must be family friendly- no weapons or products that would be deemed culturally insensitive.

-Vendors may not sell any type of alcohol

-Each vendor is responsible for all their own display tables, racks, etc.

-We DO ALLOW multiple Direct Sales vendors.

-The only vehicles allowed on the street once the event begins are food trucks. If you have a trailer attached to a vehicle, the vehicle must be parked off Commercial Street.

-Fence panels CANNOT be moved until the conclusion of the event.

-Any Vendors with Jump/Bouncy Houses must provide a liability waiver and list Emporia Main Street and the City of Emporia as additional insured.

-All Vendors must report sales to the State of Kansas. Additional information will be sent out on reporting sales and sales tax information.

Vendor List

  • Emporia Main Street
  • Ana Rosales - Pupusas
  • Angel Franco - Hot Dogs
  • Anna Little- windows, siding, & baths
  • Apparel to Dye For -stickers, cups, & clothes
  • Aunt Nancy's Face Art
  • Avigail Ochoa - Tacos Pastor & asada
  • Brittany Humbert - Face Painting Services
  • Charlie Santacruz - Hats & cotton bags
  • Charlee Matthews- Personal Protection Products
  • David Stracke- Pulled Pork, Brisket, Burnt ends, & bbq sides
  • Devin Clark - Hot Sauce
  • Doralina Garciliazo- tacos
  • Emporia Myofacial Care- 15 minutes treatment sessions
  • Emporia Public Library Simpson- craft materials
  • Emporia Public Schools- Information
  • Erick Coria - Dulces enchilados
  • Flint HIll Technical College
  • Gabby Rodriguez- Fruit Flavored Wate
  • Ibarra Tacos - Meican Food
  • Irma Durnan - toys & accessories
  • Jaffar Agha- Handmade leather goods
  • Jennifer Pinick- Snow Cones
  • Jessica Carlson- Cosmetic & Skin Care Products
  • Joe Worley
  • John & Gayla- cotton candy, shaved ice, popcorn, & nachos
  • Justin Ogleby - Care Arc information
  • Karyn Shields - Community resources flyers
  • Kim Reynolds - 3d Photo booth
  • Kona Ice
  • KS Snack Shack- Old Fashioned Soda Wagon
  • KS Snack Shack -Smash Burgers
  • KS Snack Shack -Carnival Foods
  • Lazy Butt BBQ
  • Leah Rodriguez - cupcakes & tres leches
  • Leticia Flamenco - Pupusas
  • Loi Douglas - Leap of Faith Martial Arts
  • Luisana Chaida Veliz - Info. services & programs
  • Lyon County Democratic Committee
  • Michelle Shea- Kettle Corn & Citrus Slushees
  • Nicole Alexander - Sublimated Car coasters
  • Poppin Squeeze - Lemonade, limeade, & kettle corn
  • Premier Shaved Ice LLC
  • Queen Pins- Tacos, Nachos, & Burritos
  • Scott Emery- Candy Cartel
  • Silvia Cotacachi - handmade crafts
  • St. Catherine Catholic Church- Tacos, burritos, pupusas
  • Stephanie Dunnaway- Pantry Mixes
  • Susan Sanchez
  • Texas BBQ House
  • The Axe Shedd- Axe Throwing
  • The Wagon Wheel
  • Vault Meat & Cheese - Bread
  • Veronica Rojas Benitez - Pupusas & Fresh Fruit Waters
  • Victor - ceviche
  • Virginia Oropeza- Mexican Arts & Crafts
  • Virginia Robbins- Jewelry

Disc Golf Vendor

  • Ace Run Productions
  • Albert's Bazooka Mobile L64
  • Andrew Presnell
  • Anhyzer Discs
  • Carey Disc Golf
  • Circus of Flight
  • Daily Grind Disc Golf
  • Dark Ace Disc Golf
  • DeathWish Discs
  • DD Team Member
  • DGPT & Jomez
  • Disc Golf Specialties
  • Discs Unlimited/Millennium
  • Dr. Kristy Disc Dyes
  • Flex Line Disc Golf
  • Gateway Disc Sports
  • Gavin Babcock
  • Grit Discs
  • Idio
  • Ledgestone
  • Legit Disc Golf
  • Local Line Apparel
  • Lone Star Disc
  • Luke Humphries
  • McCabe
  • Mingo Disc Golf
  • Morgan Long
  • Nova Politte
  • Pandamonium Discs LLC
  • Phoenix Disc
  • Pro Plaayer
  • Raven Klein
  • Sheboygan Eagles DGC
  • Sockibomb LLC
  • StoneyCraft
  • TechDisc Inc.
  • The Nati Disc Golf
  • Thoughtspace Athletics & EV-7
  • UnderPar Apparel Company

Registration is Currently closed. Please contact Emporia Main Street for more information. 

Vendor Tax Documentation from the State of Kansas

All Vendors must comply with collecting sales tax at the events.

Retailers' Sales Tax Event Certificate

Tax Tip Sheet Special Events

Taxable food flow chart