The FabLab at Emporia Main Street supports entrepreneurs and creators with product design, small scale manufacturing, and the research and development of concepts and products.  With the diversity of equipment in the lab and the help from outside partners, our staff can help you modify existing products or create new prototypes for your ideas.

The current in house lab equipment consists of (3) 3D printers (2FDM and 1SLA), 3D scanner can be used by hand or with the turntable, laser cutter and engraving machine, large format latex printer, electronic test and design equipment, vacuum form machine and CNC mill.

Usage of the Fab Lab can be on an individual project basis (cost apply) or individuals/businesses can join Emporia Main Street to acquire passes. For information on joining, please click HERE.

To contact Fab Lab Manager, Jeremy Wharton, please call Emporia Main Street at 620-340-6430 or email Jeremy directly at [email protected]