Emporia Main Street has direct access to many types of financing, and indirect access to additional financing types through partner agencies.  Each type of financing requires specific financial data, basic business information, and can require reporting throughout the project.  If you are interested in alternative financing options for your business startup or expansion, please contact us. Below are a few of the programs we have access to through the Main Street office:

Lyon County E-Community

The Lyon County E-Community mimics local funds (like IWW or Trusler) loaned out to businesses in Lyon County, Kansas.  Funds for the loan pool are raised through the sale of tax credits which form an account for a specific entity.  E-Community funds do require a funding match.  Unlike IWW and Trusler loan funds, the E-Community funds do require an interest rate of 2%.

Kansas Main Street Incentives Without Walls

Administered through the local Emporia Main Street Program Zero interest loan is a 3:1 matching loan up to $20,000 within a defined district. Emporia Main Street fills out the IWW application for businesses, but there are some pieces of information required from applicants. Contact the Emporia Main Street office for details.

Startup Kansas Loan Program

As a network Kansas Partner, Emporia Main Street can apply for funds that match the terms of other local loan funds (like IWW or Trusler) in a 60/40 split.  Startup Kansas funds are a low interest loan.

Trusler Loan Program

A privately funded zero interest loan pool donated by the Trusler Foundation and administered through Emporia Main Street.  This loan pool can be used on any commercial property in Emporia, but its policies mimic Incentives Without Walls funds.

USDA Programs

Several USDA Programs can apply to commercial for-profit developments in the Emporia area.  If your business is engaging in projects that improve the energy efficiency of a building or engaging in energy production (like solar panels), the USDA REAP program may be grant option for you.  If you are an agricultural producer that is refining an agricultural product, the Value Added Producers Grant may be an option.  There are a series of loan guarantees or loan programs that may enhance your business finance.  Connect with Emporia Main Street for additional details.

Emporia Neighborhood Revitalization Program

This program offers a property tax rebate on properties in certain areas that receive revitalization investments.  Developments must apply for the program prior to any construction activity. Contact the Emporia Main Street office for applications and details.

Federal Historic Tax Credits

These 20% federal tax credits are like the state Historic Tax Credits but are used less frequently and on larger projects.  The National Historic Tax Credits are non-transferable and do require that buildings are either on the national register or are a contributor within a historic district.

Kansas Historic Tax Credits

Downtown Emporia contains a historic district that allows for the use of 25% (for profit) or 30% (not for profit) state tax credits on qualifying expenditures within contributing or individually listed structures.  These tax credits can even be used to revitalize current non-contributing buildings to make them a “contributor” to the aesthetic of a district.  Things like plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and other mechanical issues are typically covered under this program.  Historic Tax Credits are popular enough that a series of developers specialize in their use. State Historic Tax Credits are transferable (meaning you can sell the credits for cash).

New Market Tax Credits

Common on the coasts and larger urban areas, the New Market Tax Credits are just now being used in rural Kansas.  This 35% tax credit can be used in census tracts deemed “distressed” or “severely distressed”, which is virtually everywhere except for properties west of Industrial Road.  Community Development Funding Initiatives exist that can aid in the inclusion of New Market Tax Credits for “smaller” projects ($2,000,000 and up).  Contact Emporia Main Street to connect with a CDFI.

Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones are a geographic area that allows investors to buy into property and/or businesses while deferring or eliminating capital gains taxation.  Investments must be made through a qualified Opportunity Fund.  The Opportunity Zone in Emporia is large, and generally represents the area south of 6th Avenue (Federal Highway 50) through southeast Emporia.  Due to the complexity of these types of investments, we encourage you to contact Emporia Main Street to initiate an Opportunity Zone investment.

Master Developer Agreements

Large scale investment projects often require access to different types of development incentives.  Emporia Main Street has experience connecting developers with different types of incentive programs and negotiating certain processes.  In some cases, we would encourage connections with other area partners (like the Regional Development Association).  If you are contemplating a large-scale development, particularly in the community core, reach out to Emporia Main Street for MDA process assistance.


Emporia Main Street owns a business incubator space immediately adjacent to the Emporia Main Street building in a shared location.  The Emporia Main Street office is located at 727 Commercial Street, and the incubator is located at the corner of Commercial Street and 8th Avenue at 729 Commercial Street.  The 1,200 foot incubation space is rent free for a qualifying business applicant for six months (the renter pays utilities and a portion of the facility property taxes).  The second six-month period is $400 per month, with utilities and a portion of property taxes.  The maximum incubation period is eighteen months, and the third six-month period includes an $800 per month rent rate, plus utilities and property taxes.  Incubated businesses are provided free internet access and business phones through Valunet Fiber.  Other professional services are provided for free, at a reduced rate, through the Emporia Main Street member businesses and local educational institutions.  Interested businesses must complete an incubator application and present the application and requisite paperwork to the Emporia Main Street office for consideration.


Emporia Main Street is currently in the formation stages of developing a fabrication lab within an existing space located within the Emporia Main Street complex at 727 Commercial Street.  The concept will allow the usage of technical equipment for the rapid prototyping and development of technical and physical products.


Invest Kansas Exemption- Emporia Main Street has assisted two member businesses with obtaining the ability to solicit investment from accredited and unaccredited investors.  Investments can be equity based, loan based, or they can be in the form of a convertible note.  Compliant crowdfunding can be a complex process.  Contact Emporia Main Street for assistance.