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Emporia Main Street is proud to offer you the opportunity to honor a veteran or someone currently active in the military while at the same time celebrating Emporia as the founding city of Veterans Day.  Each year over 260 Veterans banners hang downtown and at Emporia State University for approximately one month in conjunction with Veteran’s Day activities for four consecutive years. After the banner's four year term is completed, the banner is retired. Emporia Main Street will then contact sponsors to give them the retired banner and give sponsors the opportunity to reauthorize a new banner.

To submit an application for the 2023 lottery, simply fill out the online form or stop by the Emporia Main Street office and fill out an application. If you have previously submitted an application, we keep all applications on file and enter them each year into the drawing. The 2023 drawing will be held at 10 am on Monday, July 3rd.

If your banner application is selected, we will contact you to finalize arrangements. Sponsors will be asked to provide a picture of the Veteran in uniform, complete additional paperwork, and make a payment of $250. This payment covers 4 years of having your banner activated.

Please fill out the form below to submit your application. Please note that lines 1 and 2 are customizable. Please see the banner below for reference.

Line 1: Aerographer's Mate

Line 2: Chief Petty Officer

The window for 2023 applications has closed. Thank you!