Business Enhancement

Our business enhancement programs launch entrepreneurs and help small businesses grow

Emporia Main Street's BUSINESS ENHANCEMENT programs are implemented by a committee of volunteers along with Main Street staff. The primary goals of our business enhancement initiatives are to:

  • support, educate, and provide resources for ALL entrepreneurs and businesses throughout Emporia
  • grow a sustainable core business district downtown

Our business enhancement programs provide a wide variety of tools to assist new and existing businesses, catalyze property development, and create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and innovators that strengthen Emporia's local economy.

Business Enhancement Programs

Start Your Own Business Class

If you're ready to take your business from concept to reality, the Start Your Own Business class is one of the best tools at your disposal.

Available Property Listings

We can help you find a property that's a great match for your business concept. If you own a property, contact us for a free listing!

Incubator Space

Next door to the Emporia Main Street office, this 1,100 square foot rent-free space is available to start-up businesses for a set period and includes business mentoring.

Business Consulting

Individual advice tailored to your business.

Grants, Loans & Tax Credits

Emporia Main Street provides access to wealth of financial incentives to start or expand a business, including our own low-interest loan program, matching fund opportunities, and assistance with local, state and federal financial programs.

Business Investment Guide

Created for entrepreneurs and developers, our Business Investment Guide outlines why Emporia is a great place to do business, and includes a list of available resources to get started.

Want to support budding entrepreneurs, or become an entrepreneur yourself?

Emporia Main Street is here to help your business grow. Your support also promotes overall economic development and re-investment in downtown and the community as a whole.

Business Enhancement Committee Volunteers

Shawn Honea, Chair
IM Design Group

James Willingham
Emporia State University

Rob Scheib
USD 253

Tom Mains

Lori Andrews
ESB Financial

Bruce Boettcher
BG Consultants

Jana Marstall
USD 253

Interested in joining the Business Enhancement Committee?

The Business Enhancement Committee perfect for those who are passionate about business, fueling job growth in Emporia, and helping entrepreneurs launch or expand. Click the button below if you'd like to join!

Business Education

Projecting Messages

By Casey Woods | May 16, 2019

The Internet is forever.  For those of us that grew up in the pre-commercial internet/social media age, communication was temporary.  A face to face conversation or phone call evaporated from memories over time.  Video tape degraded.  The written word could be lost to time.  In the digital age, the public communication tone, tenor, and content…

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The Land of O.Z.

By Casey Woods | April 18, 2019

Helping people invest in their community is one of the most important jobs in economic development.  We know that if people inside a community won’t invest, people outside of a community certainly won’t.  We also understand that catalyst tools are necessary to help decrease risk and improve property values.  Over the past decade, Emporia Main…

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Property Opportunity

By Casey Woods | April 18, 2019

Location, Location, Location used to stand out as the major indicator of potential success for businesses and organizations.  While location is still very important, we have a better understanding of the location based factors that allow for business or organizational success.  The older understanding of business placement centered around “counting cars” to determine traffic surrounding…

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Your Daily Business Journal

By Casey Woods | April 18, 2019

Modern entrepreneurs can suffer from information overload.  Every media outlet has a plethora of data that they can present to businesses in the process of making informed advertising decisions.  The Emporia community has events your business can get involved in almost every week.  Market data that highlights demographic, psychographic, and geographic information is available at…

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Being Relevant

By Casey Woods | April 18, 2019

Every business, organization, or non-profit should consistently ask themselves: “why am I absolutely necessary in the lives of my consumer?”  Necessity can mean something different depending on your stage of life, your financial situation, and your personal preference.  Something that is “necessary” to a retiree may not be necessary to a young parent.  A product…

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When Options Are Flying At You How Do You Decide?

By Casey Woods | April 18, 2019

When we communicate with entrepreneurs, we always ask “what weren’t you adequately prepared for?”, and the answer we typically get back is “the amount of decisions we have to make.”  The small business world is full of decisions that typically fall to the person (or persons) at the top.  When inundated with requests and options,…

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