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So WHO are we Marketing to? A new tool to drill down on your exact consumer mix through Emporia Main Street.

Avatar photo by Jessica Buchholz, Events Coordinator | December 12, 2023

We are always looking for new ways to add value to local businesses and give them a competitive edge. Large corporations have extensive marketing departments that study every element of their consumer market, and market shifts, on a continual basis to create a market advantage. Most small businesses can’t access that type of information in-house. They require external help and professional assistance to execute effective marketing plans.

One of the most dangerous assumptions any business can make is that their customers are “just like them”. Markets are diverse. The wants, needs, and motivating factors in different market strata require businesses and regions to adjust messaging and market conduits to reflect the realities of those that spend with local businesses. Emporia Main Street now has a new tool that can break down consumer types per business and/or region so that local businesses can adjust strategies to fit their consumers (expecting consumers to adjust to you isn’t a winning strategy). For downtown, this is what stratified psychographic profiles look like in 2023:

Each market segment has some identifying name and segment type, with corresponding percentages of consumers. Each individual business may have different market mixes depending on their business type. Market types on the left (pink) are more active users than those on the right (blue), but all engage the area.

Each group has detailed information pertaining to who they are, how they access information, what values systems they possess, and what there market expectations are. For downtown, those detailed reports can be found below (click on the links for full reports):

Downtown 2023 Psychographics

43.2% Singles and Starters: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupO_DescPortrait.pdf

8.1% Pastoral Pride: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupN_DescPortrait.pdf

6.9% Golden Year Guardians: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupQ_DescPortrait.pdf

5.8% Families in Motion: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupM_DescPortrait.pdf

5.3% Aspirational Fusion: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupR_DescPortrait.pdf

5.2% Blue Sky Boomers: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupL_DescPortrait.pdf

4.1% Autumn Years: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupJ_DescPortrait.pdf

3.9% Cultural Connections: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupP_DescPortrait.pdf

3.8% Thrifty Habits: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupS_DescPortrait.pdf

3.5% Thriving Boomers: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupE_DescPortrait.pdf

3.4% Significant Singles: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupK_DescPortrait.pdf

3.3% Family Union: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupI_DescPortrait.pdf

2% Flourishing Families: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupB_DescPortrait.pdf

.5% Promising Families: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupF_DescPortrait.pdf

<.5% Booming with Confidence: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupC_DescPortrait.pdf

<.5% Suburban Style: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupD_DescPortrait.pdf

<.5% Bourgeois Melting Pot: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupH_DescPortrait.pdf

<.5% Power Elite: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupA_DescPortrait.pdf

<.5% Young City Solos: https://assets.cengage.com/gale/help/dnow/Mosaic/MosaicGroupG_DescPortrait.pdf

Emporia Main Street uses meta data to develop strategies that pull more people to local businesses. Businesses that use meta data can do a better job reaching out to their individual customer segments, which can lead to more traffic and sales.

Emporia Main Street works hard to create financial resources, training, data, and development advantages for the local community. We believe that the best assets are measurable, and we continue to find ways to develop new tools to give our area businesses the resources they need to adjust and thrive in a competitive environment.

Would you like data for your business or organization? Contact Emporia Main Street!

About the Author

Jessica Buchholz, Events Coordinator

Jessica Buchholz is the Community Development Coordinator for Emporia Main Street in Emporia, Kansas. She specializes in event planning, volunteer recruitment, alternative marketing, media/public relations and fundraising. During Jessica's tenure at Emporia Main Street, she has helped grow events to an international level and she has created a series of new activities to meet organizational goals.