The Day of the Dead is an ancient tradition that has its roots in Mexico, which celebrates life and honors those who have passed away. Illustrator José Guadalupe Posada portrayed rich and poor alike as skeletons in everyday scenes
of life, sometimes outlandish, but tragic. The Posada Skulls always seemed to be laughing, frolicking, and doing
some mischief. We want the audience to laugh and maybe cry, but never hate it; We want you to never feel like you
just saw something gory, ghoulish, ugly, or traumatic.

Our mission is to exercise cultural self-determination, strengthen community ties, and promote cultural exchange
through learning intergenerational expression through art, music, food, dance, and political satire. We want to
promote pride in Emporia's cultural identity through our grassroots non-corporate organization.

Parade Guidelines
● The theme may vary to some extent from the above, but you will need to follow it in some way. The judges will
be located at the corner of 8 Street and Commercial. The Best Float Theme will be
● Volunteers are an integral part of the success of an event. Be respectful and follow the instructions of the
parade directors. They will instruct you to maintain a pace that ensures the parade runs on time.
● ALL THE CARS and the groups that go in them or that walk, WILL HAVE TO COMPLY WITH THE THEME OF THE
● Parade participants will need to gather in the parade staging area at 9:30 am on the east side of 7 Street.
The parade will begin at 10:30 am sharp.
● The size limit for a float will be 21 feet long by 12 feet high and 12 feet wide.
● No fires, other types of fuels, gases, liquids or dangerous chemicals, or weapons of any kind will be allowed.
● All members of the floats or groups that ride or walk will have to be masked or painted as Skulls (NO
Halloween or clown costumes will be allowed. NO bloody masks will be allowed. NO Llorona or evil spirits
costumes will be allowed ).
● All materials handed out during the parade and celebration will need to be approved in advance.
● Tossing candy will not be allowed, in accordance with City ordinances.
● Unless your car is part of the parade, arrange for multiple people to come in a car or to be dropped off in the
parade staging area.
● Participants will have to fill out the registration form to do so.
● In keeping with the spirit of our mission to strengthen community ties and promote cultural exchange,
participants in the parade may be schools, non-profit agencies, and individuals or small groups. Political
comments will not be allowed.
● To ensure its sustainability, we are asking each of the parade participants to donate a can of food

Click here for printable parade guidelines and instructions in English and Spanish DDLM Parade Guidelines

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