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Our board of directors leads our organization. The board of directors works along with Emporia Main Staff to engage and grow our membership, steer our overall vision, and forge partnerships with other community organizations.

Our organizational initiatives create a strong foundation for a sustainable growth of Emporia's downtown commercial district. In addition, organizational initiatives with our city and county partners benefit the entire area.

Organizational Initiatives

Community Initiated Development

In partnership with the City of Emporia, this project is for the community to proactively identify and initiate redevelopment.


Emporia Main Street was founded to serve the business needs of our members. Our board of directors works to grow our membership by ensuring that our programs provide educational, financial, and promotional value to our members.

Vision 2030

A strategic vision for the next decade, led by input from the community and our members.

Homegrown Capital Campaign

Our capital campaign raises funds to grow local business and employment in Emporia, by fostering entrepreneurship. The campaign has funded the new Emporia Main Street facility at 727 Commercial, which includes a business incubator space.

Other Organization Projects

Partnership building

Want to be a part of an active organization who gets things done?

Emporia Main Street makes visible and measurable impacts to help our community prosper.

Board of directors

Jeremy Johns – President
Radius Brewing Company

Aaron Sewell – Vice President
EK Real Estate

Mark McAnarney – Treasurer
City of Emporia

Tracy Weltha – Secretary
IM Design Group

Cory Falldine
Emporia State University

Eric Porter
ESB Financial

Staci Hamman
Coffelt Sign Company

Caron Daugherty
Flint Hills Technical College

Sally Sanchez
Hispanics of Today and Tomorrow

Aaron Otto
Brown's Shoe Fit

Jim Lauer
Town Royal

Organization Articles

A Better Community Fabric

By Casey Woods | March 7, 2016

Getting a community to work together to accomplish something tangible isn’t easy.  Sure, people can sit around a table and talk, but when it comes to actually doing something…  Well, that is exponentially more difficult.  But, when community members come together to create tangible products from scratch, trust is created, skills are assessed, actual leaders…

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Changing the Way We Think Creates Lasting Solutions

By Casey Woods | December 20, 2015

The Emporia Main Street office receives calls, emails and social media outreach each week from communities seeking advice or assistance.  When they talk to us about a specific project or initiative, the conversation inevitably includes the question “how did you do that?”  In a “quick fix” society, that’s the question all of us want the…

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2015 Emporia Main Street Annual Meeting

By Casey Woods | June 30, 2015

The Emporia Main Street Annual Meeting tends to emulate the organization itself.  We have a group  of super busy people that get together to honor productivity and offer thanks to those people making tangible improvements to the community, then we start working on making the future even better.  This year’s tribute to Steve Hanschu made the…

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2014 In Review At Emporia Main Street

By Casey Woods | June 29, 2015

Emporia Main Street is a results oriented organization.  The culture of measurable activities that push for community growth has been fostered by you, our membership, since the inception of the program in 1991.  Each year, we look back briefly to assess what was accomplished during the calendar year, and we utilize your feedback to help…

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Is Everyone Volunteer Material?

By Casey Woods | June 23, 2015

Some historians look back at citizen involvement in the Revolutionary War and write about the “three percent”.  Although we have a romantic view of each citizen rising up in the formation of a free and independent nation, most agree that it was actually a relatively small portion of the population that actually did anything.  Communities,…

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Power Ups

By Casey Woods | July 8, 2014

  Power Ups            To build a better Emporia, lets start asking the people that want to be here…   Most businesses will tell you that when they want to build their business, they concentrate on existing customers.  Why do those customers use the businesses services?  Why do they shop in the businesses store front?  What…

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