Legend says that these enchanted doors are actually a portal to the magical kingdom - a way for mythical creatures to travel between their world and ours.  Creatures that have been known to make an appearance through these doors include elves, pixies, and even leprechauns! In fact, we have it on good authority that these fairy doors just so happen to be the Tooth Fairy’s preferred entry point - and she might even have a door on Commercial Street!

Several of our local businesses are now home to these magical doors, and we invite you to go on an adventure to find the tiny doors sprinkled throughout our downtown! Some doors are located on the exterior of our buildings, while some are on the interior and need to be visited during business hours! We hope you have fun exploring these openings to the fairy world as well as the businesses that have been lucky enough to find themselves with a resident Fairy!

Door Locations

Emporia Arts Council - 815 Commercial (inside)

Emporia Imaginarium - 729 Commercial Street (outside)

Emporia Main Street- 727 Commercial Street (outside)

Known for it's love of Corgis, it is no surprise that the Fairies decided to build a door at this location.

The legend of the fairies and corgis goes back to ancient times in the woodlands of Wales. Fairies lived in harmony with their surroundings, wandering the forest; however, their wings weren’t strong enough to take them long distances. Over time, this resulted in fairies becoming lazy about long distance travel.

In that moment, the fairies decided they would create a companion traveler who they could ride upon, allowing them to travel farther and wider than they’d be able to on their own wings. They created the corgi, or the “dwarf dog” in Welsh. This dog looked like a fox but was fast, loyal, and kind. In the night, when the fairies weren’t riding their corgis, they would send them into towns to play with children or even watch over them. It is said that Fairies would also ride corgis into battle. Stop by this location and see Empress the Fairy and her noble Corgi Zelda Von Fluffy Pants. 

Trox Gallery & Gifts- 715 Commercial Street (outside)

Corner Garden by 627 - outside

Commercial Street Diner - 614 Commercial Street (inside)

Plum Bazaar - 615 Commercial Street (outside)

Leap of Faith Martial Arts - 521 Commercial Street (outside)

Vault Meats & Cheeses- 509 Commercial (outside)