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Our business enhancement programs launch entrepreneurs and help small businesses grow

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Emporia Main Street's BUSINESS ENHANCEMENT programs are implemented by a committee of volunteers along with Main Street staff. The primary goals of our business enhancement initiatives are to:

  • support, educate, and provide resources for ALL entrepreneurs and businesses throughout Emporia
  • grow a sustainable core business district downtown

Our business enhancement programs provide a wide variety of tools to assist new and existing businesses, catalyze property development, and create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and innovators that strengthen Emporia's local economy.

Business Enhancement Programs

Start Your Own Business Class

If you're ready to take your business from concept to reality, the Start Your Own Business class is one of the best tools at your disposal.

Available Property Listings

We can help you find a property that's a great match for your business concept. If you own a property, contact us for a free listing!

Incubator Space

Next door to the Emporia Main Street office, this 1,100 square foot rent-free space is available to start-up businesses for a set period and includes business mentoring.

Business Consulting

Individual advice tailored to your business.

Grants, Loans & Tax Credits

Emporia Main Street provides access to wealth of financial incentives to start or expand a business, including our own low-interest loan program, matching fund opportunities, and assistance with local, state and federal financial programs.

Business Investment Guide

Created for entrepreneurs and developers, our Business Investment Guide outlines why Emporia is a great place to do business, and includes a list of available resources to get started.

Want to support budding entrepreneurs, or become an entrepreneur yourself?

Emporia Main Street is here to help your business grow. Your support also promotes overall economic development and re-investment in downtown and the community as a whole.

Business Enhancement Committee Volunteers

Shawn Honea, Chair
IM Design Group

James Willingham
Emporia State University

Rob Scheib
USD 253

Tom Mains

Lori Andrews
ESB Financial

Bruce Boettcher
BG Consultants

Jana Marstall
USD 253

Interested in joining the Business Enhancement Committee?

The Business Enhancement Committee perfect for those who are passionate about business, fueling job growth in Emporia, and helping entrepreneurs launch or expand. Click the button below if you'd like to join!

Business Education

Growing a Business through Celebrity

By Casey Woods | July 8, 2014

  Growing a Business   through Celebrity      Is it right for your concept?    We live in a society obsessed with celebrity.  Reality TV shows are numerous, and when you add YouTube, blogs and other social media to the celebrity mix, people are enthralled with creating a personal brand.  Although some of these media…

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How to Boost Sales 10%+

By Casey Woods | July 8, 2014

  One simple thing that can   boost your sales by 10%   or more…           Train yourself and your staff to stand out in the mind of the consumer    Most people have a routine every day.  We get up, we go to work, we eat, we sleep…  The same…

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You Need Positive Exposure for your Business, but Where do you Start?

By Casey Woods | July 8, 2014

  During a recent Kansas Main Street, Inc. Quarterly Training, the subject of business exposure was talked about extensively.  Why?  With mass media the amount of exposure a business needs to make a lasting connection with a consumer has increased substantially.  Just twenty years ago, if you make three or four solid contacts with a…

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Why Shop Local

By Casey Woods | July 8, 2014

The Real Reasons Your Spending Matters We usually hear what we “should do” from a variety of different people every day.  One of the “should do” categories we hear about all year long, but especially during the Christmas season, centers around shopping locally.  Rarely do you hear the “why” beyond the shopping habits request.  We know “just do…

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The Final Countdown

By Casey Woods | July 8, 2014

  The Final Countdown         As Christmas approaches, store owners (and employees) get tired (and cranky)…  Here are a few tips to make that final push to Christmas! Extended hours, more customers, less natural light, colder weather and less "outdoor time" starts to take its toll on business managers and employees as Christmas…

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The Type of Change No One Wants to Talk About

By Casey Woods | July 8, 2014

  The Type of Change   No One Wants to   Talk About          Substance Over Style I received an e-mail from a local acquaintance that talked about business trends in 2014.  The list wasn't so much about "trends" as it was about responsibilities businesses have in their quest to become better…

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