Founded in 1857, Downtown Emporia has a quite a history and some spooky tales to discover. Take a tour by flashlight of some of downtown's lesser known or normally off-limits spaces.

2019 Tour Locations


The Tunnel of Terror
Emporia Humanitarian Center  - 215 West 6th Ave

Is the Doctor in?
621 Commercial

Apartment for Rent
624 Commercial

Haunted Mansion
224 6th Ave

Ghosts! Ghosts! Ghosts! Read All About It!
517 Merchant

Things to Know:

  • Start at Emporia Main Street office, 727 Commercial Street. Tours are self guided after check-in.
  • Maps provided at starting location. You may visit any locations both Friday and Saturday night.
  • Tours will be both indoors and outdoors with stairs.
  • Event is held rain or shine
  • This event is a historic tour, not a haunted house - although some locations may throw in a few scares. The main purpose of the tour is to allow you to see and experience Emporia's historic spaces, including upper stories or basements that are not usually available to the public.