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Do You Want To Get More Involved?

Avatar photo by Jessica Buchholz, Events Coordinator | January 7, 2021

Did your New Year’s resolution include getting more involved in your community? Here are some simple ways you can utilize Emporia Main Street to start volunteering:

Emporia Main Street always has projects that need volunteers. In the immediate future we have Christmas lights that need removed from downtown lamp posts, and if you are good with technology, we have some testing that needs completed for some new equipment prior to placing items into service. Interested? Contact the office for more information.
Emporia Main Street works with teams to direct initiatives and assist in their execution. You can work with your peers to make the community better! Here are a few of the teams we typically work with on a monthly basis:
Design: The Design team directs aesthetic changes and assistance for the community. Adopting gardens, clean ups, building designs, artwork, merchandising, music, veterans banners, and much more run through the Design team. If you want to help the community through Design, we meet the second Wednesday of every month at noon either via Zoom or in person at the Emporia Main Street office.
Promotion: Events, activities, market identification, branding, and more are part of the Promotions team. Have an idea for a new event? Want to make an existing event better? Know of a market segment that we aren’t reaching? Joining the promotions team can give you a voice in how the community moves forward! The Promotions team meets at 8:00 a.m. on the second Wednesday of each month either via Zoom or in the Emporia Main Street office.
Business Enhancement: The Business Enhancement team finds ways to help businesses start and expand while communicating market gaps that local entrepreneurs can fill. Loan programs, entrepreneurial education, product fabrication, market analysis, business guides, development assistance, and more are part of this team. If you would like to join the Business Enhancement team, they meet either in person at the Main Street office or via Zoom on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 8:00 a.m.
New initiatives-
The pandemic has created some new threats and new opportunities for the region. We are always willing to listen to new ways to partner together with community members on improvement initiatives. If you are willing to work and invest, you may have a partner in Main Street. Contact us to talk through your ideas!
Improving a region takes all of us. Working with Emporia Main Street can help local volunteers make the realistic and sustainable changes necessary to help this area grow. If you are interested in getting involved, simply contact Emporia Main Street and we will find ways to work together.
Register to Volunteer with our online form –Click Here to Register.

About the Author

Jessica Buchholz, Events Coordinator

Jessica Buchholz is the Community Development Coordinator for Emporia Main Street in Emporia, Kansas. She specializes in event planning, volunteer recruitment, alternative marketing, media/public relations and fundraising. During Jessica's tenure at Emporia Main Street, she has helped grow events to an international level and she has created a series of new activities to meet organizational goals.


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