Tailored advice.  Each business is unique and has a series of different needs and wants specific to their business type.  Emporia Main offers specialized consulting for businesses in a confidential format at the time and place of the businesses choosing.  Whether businesses are looking for financing, marketing assistance, help with technology, market research, design analysis or more in depth help, Emporia Main Street tailors plans to the individual business needs.

We understand that businesses are hesitant to participate in group learning environments, and we recognize that business management can rarely meet at predetermined hours during normal operating hours (most of you help cover lunches in your small businesses).  Main Street offers one-on-one sessions in time frames that fit your needs with hands on assistance.

There are times when a business has needs that are outside are areas of expertise.  Main Street has a vast network of experts available across many different fields that can assist businesses.  If we can't help you, we can find help for you.

Our goal is to provide start ups with assetts they need to start a healthy business, and to encourage business growth and transition among existing businesses.  If our local businesses are successful, the community succeeds.  Simply contact Emporia Main Street to schedule a confidential business meeting.